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Every property should be surveyed before purchase, but some are more at risk from defects and decay than others. It is the nature of building materials that all have a life-span after which they will seriously degrade; many will do so earlier than expected, particularly if poorly kept or exposed to inclement conditions. Structural movement, damp ingress, timber decay and condensation are all common problems in ageing structures.

An old building is therefore the most likely structure to harbour defects which will be costly to repair and, in some cases, are even dangerous. To assist, we provide building surveys from period building specialists to seek out these problems and bring them to your attention before you commit.

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More than any other type of property, purchasing an old building should be approached with caution. What may look like a dream home full of character can quickly become a nightmare of hidden defects, expensive repair bills and cause sleepless nights.

Instructing a surveyor to compile a report on the property is therefore crucial, but so too is the nature of that surveyor. A general practice surveyor will often lack the requisite skill-set, but a chartered building surveyor is specifically trained to deal with this sort of structure.

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